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Making people’s life better

Product or service innovation can refer to both developing new better products or services or to improving existing ones.

The innovation process pursuing product or service innovation involves an analytical step, for identifying the problems faced by users, and a creative step for generating new ideas for how these problems could be addressed and how additional value could be created.

Our goal is to go beyond improving existing products or services or creating marginally better ones. We constantly strive and push our clients to look for breakthrough innovation, products or services that create a leap in value for both the customer and for the company.

Our approach is based on the blue ocean strategy formulation process, which helps managers working in cross-functional teams to experience themselves the customer journey. The objective of the workshops and of the visual field exploration is to understand and respond to the needs and aspirations (often unaddressed and sometimes unexpressed) of the current customers.

Moreover, the non-customers are targeted with new strategic offerings with the aim of capturing them, to help the company create and capture new demand. Nintendo, Samsung, Toyota and RED are some successful examples of companies who generated new demand, thus creating and capturing new markets.


Breakthrough innovation for radical differentiation of products and services


“ Our engagement with Six Paths resulted in clearly defining our current positioning for each brand followed by successfully launching new products targeted at under-addressed customer groups. ”

Paul Markovits

Marketing Director, Heineken

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