Visual field exploration

Getting beyond your customer needs

 Breakthrough innovations comes from challenging the common wisdom, getting insights from people with different ideas, backgrounds and perspectives, experimenting to provoke unorthodox responses and associating all the above. However, strategy will fail where innovations are not focused on customer needs. Getting good customer insights is one of the biggest obstacles to innovation.

Six Paths uses a structured approach to exploring insights from customers. Visual field exploration employs specific interview techniques, qualitative and quantitative surveys, and “visual observations” to identify customers needs – unaddressed (or unexpressed) pain points and aspirations. In addition, the process involves looking for fresh insights from talking or simply observing customers, to help building and validating new strategic offerings.

“ Our engagement with Six Paths resulted in clearly defining our current positioning for each brand followed by successfully launching new products targeted at under-addressed customer groups. ”

Paul Markovits

Marketing Director, Heineken

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